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Professional Accounting Services in Durant

Bookkeeping Services

 Proper bookkeeping is essential for the success of your business.  The process of keeping full, accurate, and up-to-date business records of your purchases, sales, receipts, and payments can be a time consuming task.  However, it is one that can really help you “see the big picture” and recognize both the thriving and struggling areas of your business. 

 Our knowledgeable staff can help you with the monumental task of entering daily transactions, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial statements, not to mention helping you more easily determine your business and income taxes.    


Make the smartest decisions for your business by letting us put all your financial information in one central location, QuickBooks.  QuickBooks is the #1 rated small business software, and with it you can pay your bills, pay your employees, track payments, and prepare reports that can give you an accurate snapshot of your business at any given moment, letting you know exactly where you stand.

Let us help you “get off on the right foot.”  We can advise you on which version of QuickBooks would best serve your particular type of business, help you install the software, and setup a correct chart of account, specifically tailored to your business.  Once you are using QuickBooks, we are here to provide an unparalleled service related to any day-to-day issues or questions you may have.

Business Creation and Consulting Services

Starting a business can seem overwhelming on your own. Our team of experts can help take the load off your back. Whether you are a recent entrepreneur or an established business, our team of accountants can provide you and your business with practical and sound solutions for becoming more successful and profitable. We offer the services to create limited liability companies, S-corporations, corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. 

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Income Tax Services

When tax season rolls around, will you be prepared? Proper planning is the key to making your tax experience as enjoyable as possible. We can help with this by assisting you in tax preparation of all of your needs, including business, personal, non-profit organization, and trust tax returns. The complex and varied tax laws can not only be confusing, but noncompliance and misunderstanding can be very costly. During the year we can advise you of changes in the law which might be of interest to you, and inform you of certain forms that you may need to file aside from your yearly tax returns.

Payroll Services

Doing payroll on your own is far too time-consuming, but hiring an entire department to devote their time to your payroll is too costly. With our expertise in Quickbooks, we can work with you to save you time and money. We have the ability to compute paychecks, appropriate withholding, tax liability, health insurance and other benefit deductions for all your employees. Also, we offer additional payroll related services including direct deposit of tax liability and W-2 form preparation. 

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