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Form 1040 Checklist

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Personal Information

1.  Did your marital status change during 2014?
     If yes, explain...____________________________________

2.  Do you want to allow your tax preparer to discus this year's return with the           IRS? 

3.  Do you or your spouse plan to retire in 2015?

4.  Were you or your spouse permanently and totally disabled in 2014?

5.  Enter date of death for taxpayer or spouse (if during 2014 or 2015):
     Taxpayer: ___________________   Spouse: ____________________

6.  Were you or your spouse a member of the U.S. Armed Forces during 2014?

Dependent Information

7.  a Do you have dependents who must file?
     b If yes, do you want us to prepare the return(s)?

8.  a Do you have children who are under age 19 or a full time student under         age 24 with investment income greater than $2,000?
     b If yes, do you want to include your child's income on your return?

9.  Are any of your dependents not U.S. citizens or residents?

10. Did you provide over half the support for any other person during 2014?

11. Did you incur adoption expenses during 2014?

IRA Pension and Education Savings Plans

12. Did you receive payments from a pension or profit-sharing plan?

13. Did you receive a total distribution from an IRA or other qualifed plan that        was partially or totally rolled over into another IRA or qualified plan within        60 days of the distribution?  

14. a Did you convert all or part of a regular IRA into a Roth IRA?
     b Did you roll over all or part of a qualified plan into a Roth IRA?

15. Did you contribtute to a Coverdell Education Savings Account?

Items Related To Income Losses

16. Did you receive any disability payments in 2014?

17. Did you receive tip income not reported to your employer?

18. a Did you buy, sell, refinance, or abandon a principal residence or other             real property in 2014?
        (Attach copies of any escrow statements or Forms 1099.)
     b If you sold or abandoned a home, did you claim the First-Time                         Homebuyer Credit when you purchased the home?
     c Are you planning to purchase a home soon?

19. Did you incur any casualty or theft losses during 2014?

20. Did you incur any non-business bad debts?

Prior Year Tax Returns

21. Were you notified by the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authority      of changes to a prior year's tax return?
     If yes, enclose agent's report or notice of change.

22. Were there changes to a prior year's income, deductions, credits, etc.              which would require filing an amended return?

Foreign Bank Accounts, Foreign Assets and Foreign Taxes

23. Did you have foreign income or pay any foreign taxes in 2014?

24. At any time during 2014, did you have an interest in or a signature or other      authority over a bank account, or other financial account in a foreign                country?

25. Were you the grantor of or transferor to a foreign trust which existed              during the tax year, whether or not you have any beneficial interest in the        trust?

26. Did you at any time during 2014, have an interest in or any authority over        any foreign accounts or assets (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds,                    partnerships interests, etc.) held in foreign financial institutions that                exceeded $50,000 in value at any time during the year?

Health and Life Insurance

27. a Did you and your dependents have health care coverage for the full year?
     b Did you receive any of the following IRS documents?  Forms 1095-A                (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement), Form 1095-B (Health                    Coverage) or Form 1095-C (Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and        Coverage)?  If so, please attach...
     c If you or your dependents did not have health care coverage during the            year, do you fall into of the following exemption categories: Indian tribe          membership, health sharing ministry membership, religious sect                    membership, incarceration, exempt non-citizen or economic hardship?  If          you received an exemption certificate, please attach...

28. a Did you or your spouse have self-employed health insurance?
     b If you or your spouse are self-employed, are either of you eligible to               participate in an employer's health plan at another job?

29. Did your employer pay premiums on life insurance in excess of $50,000          where the proceeds are payable to beneficiaries named by you?

30. Did you contribute to or receive distributions from a Health Savings Account      (HSA)?


31. Did you make energy efficient improvements to your home or purchase any energy-saving property during 2014?  If yes, please attach details...

32. Did you start paying mortgage insurance premiums in 2014?  If yes, please      attach details...

33. Did you purchase a motor vehicle or boat during 2014?
      If yes, attach documentation showing sales tax paid.

34. Did you purchase an energy efficient vehicle in 2014?
      If yes, enter year, make, model, and date purchase: __________________

35. Did you donate a vehicle in 2014?  If yes, attach Form 1098C.

36. Did you or your spouse make gifts of over $14,000 to an idividual or                contribute to a prepaid tuition plan?

37. Did you make gifts to a trust?

38. If there were dues paid to an association, was any portion required to be           non-deductible due to political lobbying by the association?  If yes, please         attach details...

39. Did you or your spouse participate in a medical savings account in 2014?
     If yes, please attach Form 1099-SA (Distributions from an HSA, Archer MSA      or Medicare+Choice MSA.)

40. DId you make a loan at an interest rate below market?

41. Did you pay any individual for domestic services in 2014?

42. Did you pay interest on a student loan for yourself, your spouse, or your          dependents?

43. Did you, your spouse, or you dependents attend post-secondary school in        2014?

44. Did a lender cancel any of your debt in 2014? (Attach any Forms 1099-A or      1099-C)

45. Did you receive any income not included in last year's tax return?
     If yes, please attach information.